Sundays are Dangerous (On Communion and Celiac)

Part of having chronic fatigue type symptoms as part of autoimmune messes is trying to figure out the WHY when things go wrong. I tell you, body-hacking is an awful lot like magical… Continue reading

In Memoriam: Arthur Raymond Anderson

This is the expanded version of the obituary which we put in the keepsake flyer for the funeral. Arthur Raymond Anderson Jr., age 83, died March 6, 2015 at Story County Senior Care… Continue reading

Skidding Down a Slippery Slope (My Dad Goes Home)

Last week was International Book Day. Because we knew my father was skating close to the edge of the end of his life, my mind turned to his love of books, and the… Continue reading

A Strange Resurrection

I pretty much quit my "pic of the day" and "M’Histoire" blog posts after my mother died. It’s been a while. Before my mother died, I talked with her often, usually by phone.… Continue reading

Pic of the day – Something finally bloomed

Earth Day. The long harsh winter is (mostly) over. The physical injuries that have been stopping me from blogging are not completely healed, but the worst of the pain is gone. 11 months… Continue reading

Pic of the day – What I saw on my walk

Every day another flower. The heat of summer. Autumnal mornings. August afternoons. “Making hay” without ceasing. Then the rain, and you stop of necessity. An unexpected quiet. A dim brightness within a shadow.… Continue reading

Pic of the day – Angry at the Flowers

Angry at the flowers because they bloom. Because they bloom with hot colors. Because they aren’t sweet. Because they got confused and came in small and ruffled. Because there are only two of… Continue reading

Pic of the day – Two Moons

Two months ago today I believed my mom had just moved from the ICU to a regular hospital room. Instead, tomorrow will be the two month anniversary of when they said hospice. Two… Continue reading

Pic of the day – Farewells

At the airport I realized that we had many pictures of TY, but none with me. So we fixed that quick before he left. Then we came home, and slept. The house feels… Continue reading

Pic of the day – Sweetness

Tonight we took TY out for dinner at the same restaurant we went to for his first night in America. This is probably the last time we’ll go out together as a ‘family’… Continue reading