M’Histoire: Bubbles

Ann Arbor Art Fair 2009: Axiom Glass - Arising

Good news! I heard from my primary care doc, and the surgeon’s office
agreed to change the imaging test. No CT with contrast, not the MRI or
MRA we’d asked about substituting, just a regular plain vanilla CT. No
contrast. All bubbly with relief. πŸ™‚

Today was two weeks since I’d met with my primary care doc to discuss
this. A week ago he had not heard back from the surgeon’s office. This
morning I was wondering if I should ask again, but on the other hand
wasn’t sure I wanted to know. A handful of times during the day
friends contacted me and wanted to know if I’d heard yet. No, I
hadn’t. The sense of expectation built. The sense that something
should have happened.

On the other hand, there wasn’t any immediate pressure, since I’d
rescheduled the test again. Right – AGAIN. I got the referral in
mid-December. The paperwork hadn’t been processed right (a different
story), so it took three tries to get the test scheduled. The first
date was January 5, after the holiday. The imaging clinic said I
should talk to my surgeon or my primary care. We both figured the
surgeon’s office might be hard to get through to, so I opted for the
primary care office. Threw my back out over the holiday, so talked
about this while I was in for that. The doc that day said I should
talk to the surgeon’s office. Well, so I ended up rescheduling for Jan
10th while I tried to sort that out.

Got through to the surgeon’s office. First talked with an
administrative assistant. She agreed she wasn’t the right person, so
there was a little finagling while we figured out who was. Finally
ended up talking with the aforementioned resident. Who promptly told
me to talk to my primary care. I told him the primary care clinic had
told me to talk to him. He said, “But we don’t give prescriptions for
these types of medications. We can’t do this.” I said, “But they said
to talk to YOU.” That conversation went in circles, repeating the same
points for about ten minutes. Someone else was talking to him in the
background, and occasionally the phone would be covered by a hand,
some mumbling would occur, and then he’d come back. After one of
those, he asked me a couple quick questions, including my pharmacy,
and said he’d call me right back.

He phoned back a few minutes later, suddenly all smiles. It turns out
they are allowed to do this, so he phoned in a prescription for the
terrifying steroids, explained how I ought to take them, all very
calmly. I was the one who wasn’t calm. Boy, my heart was just banging
my ribs, I was so frightened. You heard the rest of that in other
parts of this blog.

Fast forward. Rescheduled the test for February 10 so I would have a
chance to meet face-to-face with my honest-to-goodness primary care
doc. Then last week, after he hadn’t been able to reach them, I
rescheduled the test once more, this time for late March. I have
commitments until right before that, and some things I want to get
done beforehand. I figure this. If it is cancer, as soon as they know,
they’ll want to start thinking seriously about getting the surgery
done. I want to be moderately prepared for that before the imaging
test. If it isn’t cancer, then waiting isn’t a big deal. Either way, I
will make good use of the time.