M’Histoire: Sigh

Pic of the day - Dust

You might think I am not blogging here since I got the good news.
Unfortunately, that is NOT why. I’ve been flat on my back sick for the
past week, and that is why I haven’t been blogging as much.

It might be because of all the stress I was under and didn’t realize
was effecting me until it lifted. It might be because they were
painting in my office and my asthma kicked in with my lungs really
hurting. It might be that Spring seems to have unexpectedly arrived
early and all the mold and mildew is similarly causing asthma

Whatever the reason, the stress or the fumes, I spent last week abed,
and mostly a-snooze!

Sorry, the Grinch got into me. My cube mate just said she’s crabby. I
am back at work, but groggy, aching, and with a sinus headache. More
later. I will dust off the blog when I feel more energetic.