M’Histoire: Let’s Take a Vote

Pic of the day - Polling Place

Last time I was here I was about to go see the sinus doctor. I had
seen one before, back in Chicago, and they’d done imaging and the
whole bit. I had a whole batch of scar tissue in my sinuses at that
point, was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, and the discussion was
whether to do surgery or see an allergist first. I had seen my mom
and sister recover from sinus surgery. Not fun.

So I saw the allergist, got my arms all pincushioned with tiny amounts
of things that might trigger allergies. Got to watch the hives and
welts grow in size, and the nice nurses come over and measure the size
with a ruler. The lady next to me had a giant-sized hive from milk.
Mine was impressive, but nothing compared to hers, maybe half as big.
They found my big allergies were milk, mold, dust, pollen, then a
bunch of small things.

So, back to the current year. Remember, the oral surgery folks had
looked at my CT scan and said, “Oh, you have chronic sinus problems.”
Having heard this many times before, I agreed. So they sent me off to
the sinus doc. All kinds of scheduling problems, meant I had to go
through scheduling twice. The day it all finally worked out, I was
sick as a dog, laryngitis, pharyngitis, throat covered with blisters,
lots of pain, absolutely NO voice. I had seen the nurse practitioner
the day before and asked if I should cancel. No, she said, it was
important for the sinus doc to see me while sick.

it is absolutely unavoidable. I mostly communicated with shakes and
nods of my head. The whole visit took only a couple minutes, with a
very terse doc, who seemed under the impression that I had somehow
contrived this whole thing, before she closed with, and I quote, “You
don’t have sinusitis. I hope you feel better soon” That was it.

I was kind of frustrated. And still sick. A bit depressed. By the time
I felt better, I did NOT want to talk about it, so said nothing here.
The main goal then was to schedule the surgery a.k.a. procedure a.k.a.
removal of the bony bump in my mouth. The one that hurts all winter,
and most of the fall and spring. I did get it scheduled (for late
October), but that took three tries also. As in it took a few months
to schedule it.

OK, so far so good, nothing much happening health-wise, life goes on.
Tornadoes (near-miss), floods (hit on target), home repairs, yada,
yada. Trust me, you don’t want to know. Summer settles in. I ended up
in the doctor’s office again, on a totally unrelated note. One time,
covered with batches of hives. No idea why. Maybe a bug bite, maybe
something I ate? The doc looks at the hives. They are obviously there
and real. I have prior history. So he refers me to allergist thinking
it might be nice to find out what is triggering the allergies. Then I
end up back in the clinic with 4-inch welts from blackfly bites. Have
to cancel the first allergist appointment because of all the Benedryl
I’m taking with the blackfly bites. Reschedule. Starting to be a real
habit. Any doctor appointment I make recently takes 2 or 3 attempts.

Now if this was a novel, at this point you should be able to guess the
next plot twist. I finally get in to see the allergist. They don’t
pincushion anymore, they take vials of blood. Lots of vials of blood.
I ask the doc to email instead of phone, since my kid can’t take
messages for shucks. Doc phones anyway, talks to kid. I get home, and
the kid has done a relatively brilliant job. He remembers to tell me
the doc called. That’s the good news. Then he tells me the doc said
the tests were negative and there is nothing wrong with me. The kid
said a bunch more but it was highly embarrassing and probably not
accurate, so I basically still don’t have a clue what the doc really
wanted to tell me, and am not 100% sure what the results were.

But I’m sad. Tired, frustrated. I had hoped that the docs would find
what was causing the pain when I breathe and could do something about
it. I was hoping the docs could find what was causing the hives and
welts and could do something about. But nope, I’m as healthy as a
horse, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with me. Nada. If this
was a vote, I’d sure as heck have lost.