Pic of the day – La Trois Violinistes / Las Tres Violinistas


Today a friend took us along out to Alber Orchard & Cider Mill, where
the usual suspects were playing Cajun music for a few hours. Oh, what
a treat! Autumn colors, fresh pressed cider, fiddle & accordion.

They sell honey from their own hives also, so there were black and
yellow striped things all over everywhere, which somewhat freaked out
DS. He’d been playing drums up until the flying critters really got on
his nerves too much. He’s been watching too many scary shows about
killer bees.

I took a whole peck and a bushel of pictures again, like usual. When I
saw this one, I thought of the Disney movie, “Three Caballeros”, but
that just didn’t fit here (even less so than it did in the Disney
flick!), so I swapped that for Las Tres Violinistas, but couldn’t use
that since they were all playing Cajun fiddle, so I had to go French,
n’est-ce pas?

Came home and made a batch of Earl Grey jelly with the fresh pressed
apple cider. Mmmmm. Hope it turns out! My first try with this recipe.