Pic of the day – Key Lime California


OK, so it’s weird. What the hey, eh? Here’s the story. Kid had to have
a doctor visit to get on the bowling team, and while there they said
he needed an immunization that was required for school. This means a
SHOT, and he is one of those folk who has a phobia about needles. He
is tough and brave and struggles to make a good show, but it is just
plain horrible for him, while for me shots just aren’t a big deal. I
don’t like them, but they don’t make me stressed or anxious.

Add into this that he had to give up his weekly meeting of the local
comedy club in exchange for getting a shot, and, well, life just ain’t
fair some days. You must realize he’s been trying to get the comedy
club going for THREE years and it just finally started a couple weeks

So he toughed it out, made a good show, made us proud, and in return
we took him out to dinner. Joe’s Crab Shack, an old family favorite
associated with some of the restaurants my mother’s Cajun side of the
family always enjoyed down in Louisiana. No, it isn’t like Louisiana
anymore, but we enjoy it anyway. We pig out, for real, and still have
room for the gigantic piece of key lime pie. We share it, nibbling
away at the sides with forks. When we got full, what was left? The
state of California, at least that’s what it looked like to us and the
waiter. 😉