Pic of the day – After-Birthday Dinner


Today was rather too exciting. Early morning started off with
fisticuffs on the bus that involved citizen restraint, police and
people getting taken away to jail. After I finally made it to work,
there was a bank robbery in my neighborhood complete with facemasks,
surgical gloves and gunfire. Ten city schools on police lockdown. The
bank robbers were last seen a couple blocks from my house. Then I
received notice that there are two sewer gas leaks in my basement, on
top of all the other problems following the June 6 Dundee tornado.
Last but not least, my son’s school has had an incident of pertussis
(Whooping Cough) and my son is allergic to the vaccine.

OK. Well. So then.

I decided to make myself a little comfort food special something for
dinner. This was a bed of Venere black rice (the forbidden rice) with
a sauce included onions, shitake, a little bit of cheese, spiced
Korean bacon, and a pinch of Italian sausage.