Pic of the day – Layers & Currents (M’Histoire)


It has been a very long time since I was able to practice weapons with
my martial arts friends, Peter & Charles. Over a year, wow. I’ve
gotten really out of shape, what with all of the past year’s medical
complications, the knee injury last summer, and then all the mess with
the house being damaged in the Dundee-tornado storm. It has been a
long trying year for all three of us, and it was good to see them
again. Today, after that long absence, we started small, with tanjo.
That is a bit of a pun, since I learned tanjo means “small jo” or
“small wooden staff”.

We practiced in a place that had this very lovely embroidered
translation of a famous Asian painting. This is a photo of a small
section of this artwork. I kept getting reflections in the glass,
glare, distortions, blur while trying to take the photos, and finally
got one clear pic. I had planned to use that image as the pic of the
day, but when it came down to it, instead I chose this one.

I don’t know what is happening here. At first, looking at the whole
scene, I just thought it was a nice Asian festival scene or something
like that, a cityscape. Now, looking at this excerpt, I wonder. The
river currents are knotted and tangled. The boat is swarming with
people, no one is at rest. Many are working the oars, trying to move
the boat forward. Two people are pointing urgently in one direction,
while a person on shore point the other direction, and another man
gestures with both hands. Is there some sort of crisis? Are people
trying to get away from something or to somewhere? Is this just normal
everyday chaos of organizing travel and deliveries?

In the photo, there are shadows and reflections overlaid, adding to
the chaos and confusion of the scene. Yesterday workmen took out all
the old yew bushes in my front yard. Monday workmen will be working on
the basement, clearing out the largest part of the remaining storm
damage. Other workmen will be regrading the front lawn. Other workmen
will be on the roof, fixing damage to shingles and chimney. Thursday
more workmen will be repairing the furnace and ventilation system so
we can have heat again.

It has been so cold. Could have been much worse, but being chronically
chilled seems to make me very tired and mentally foggy. It was
delicious to get active and warm this afternoon, but right now all I
want to do is go back to sleep.