Pic of the day – A Tale of Two Floods (M’Histoire)


The picture for today ought to be the one showing the large horizontal
crack in my foundation. I didn’t feel up to that one, so you are
getting this one, as a sequel to Saturday. This was taken to show the
stitching in the tapestry, but as I look at it, I find it as
perplexing as the other one. Is the tree standing and other objects at
a distance behind it? Has the tree fallen, and the boat is tangled in
its branches? I can’t tell. The silver threads of the water currents
don’t seem to be moving around the tree. Is that by design, or through
oversight? Is there a message subtly implied in the silver threads?

My theme for the day has been looking for silver linings. Several
years back, there was a large flood from the upstairs bathroom. Each
step of the repair process found new problems, needing even more and
bigger repairs. This was at a time when I had plenty of stress
already. I’d been seriously ill more often than not for a couple
years. Lots of pneumonia & bronchitis. Lots of trips to the emergency
room. Other personal stresses. Friends dying. And then this.
Ultimately the plumbing repairs ended up costing around six thousand
dollars. However, as the last step of the repairs, the *plumber* found
a six-inch by 4-inch HOLE in the exhaust pipe for the water heater.
That is why I was so ill all the time – carbon monoxide poisoning.
Chronic, long term, carbon monoxide poisoning. Did the furnace
inspector guy notice it? No. It wasn’t a hole in the furnace. And I
hired (obviously) the wrong furnace inspector. So this was ultimately
discovered because of a flood in the upstairs bathroom caused by toys
put down the drain by the children of the previous owners. That is
quite a silver lining, eh? That flood probably saved my life.

Now, what I am going through recently, began with another flood. The
Dundee tornado was June 6th, I think. During that storm my house
suffered both roof and basement damage. We’d gone to the basement for
safety, and while we were looking for chairs to sit on the walls had
started gushing water. Oh, my. It wasn’t bad, water only got about an
inch deep in the worst places. Unfortunately, those places were
carpeted and covered three deep with large cardboard boxes of books.
To make a long story short, today workmen removed the panelling along
that wall, and found a long horizontal crack in the wall, well hidden
behind the oak paneling. Between the storage items, stacks of boxes,
bookcase, etc, I would have very likely never noticed this until the
entire wall was dissolving. Right now, it looks like the wall is
mostly still pretty solid, and while I am pretty much completely out
of money, I am hoping that this is early enough in the degeneration to
be fixable without having to remove and replace the entire basement
wall (or worse, the entire basement!). That is one silver lining. What
about the roof? Well, because they had to check out the chimney
following the storm, a patch was found at the edge of the roof where
the squirrels had almost worn through into the attic. If it hadn’t
been caught and repaired this summer, I would have had squirrels in my
attic this winter.

Silver threads and silver linings. Lots of silver linings.