Pic of the day – Really Rosie, Really Red (M’Histoire)


When my daughter was a kid, the Carole King recordings of Sendak’s
Really Rosie were among my favorites. I was never able to persuade my
son that they were of any interest whatsoever, but I think it would
have been good for him if he had understood. Life is like that. Odd
mishaps, missteps, or really they are the right steps but we don’t
figure that out until decades later if ever. And the reverse. Things
we thought were brilliant that turn out to cause the great unexpected
grief and harm.

Anyway, I’ve had kid’s books on the brain today. Our local public
library has an exhibit of children’s book by famous people, and it
turns out the exhibit was done by people I know, but I didn’t know
they did the exhibit. Here are some pics from the exhibit.

Children’s Books by Famous People

We also had another (almost) grand storm, which is perfectly dandy,
since my basement wall still has a big crack in it. The yard is
regraded, but … I don’t trust that hole in the wall. The storm we
had was plenty, even though nearby cities felt more of it that we did
hear. The leaf in the picture is following the storm. It was amazingly
gloriously red, with many shades. The picture does not do it justice.
I saw the picture, and thought this is Really RED. And that made me
think of Really Rosie. And there we start again.