Pic of the day – Pretty Paper Pain Relief (M’Histoire)


Last thing before I left the hospital with my pain meds, I took this
pic of the paper flowers. The pain meds were starting to work. My
friend who was giving me a ride made a joke about my feeling pretty

Today I’ve been mostly sleeping and watching movies, or more
accurately, sleeping while movies were running. I kept wanting to
read, but couldn’t get through more than a page at a time. Had other
things I wanted to do, but only thing I managed was a couple paper

The pain meds I was were triggering chest pains, like when I have an
asthma attack. This morning I gave up and phoned the docs, and ended
up with new pain meds. They don’t work quite as effectively for the
pain, but my chest is better, my breathing it better, and all the
itching has resolved into teeny tiny hives which are clearing up as we