Pic of the day – Wishful Thinking (M’Histoire)


McIlhenny’s, Clancy’s and Frank’s.

I like hot food. Hot temperature and hot spicy. Not blazing or
sickeningly or lifethreateningly hot (ie. stupid macho hot) but a nice
warm slightly-edgy hot. Normally I can make food to my own
satisfaction without any problem. One of the hardest parts of
recovering from oral surgery is smelling other people eating things I
can’t have. Potato chips. Gumbo. You get the idea.

One of the problems with being a single mom and no car is, well, a lot
of stuff. Recently, I had my birthday, my state ID expired and this
made life interesting when I tried to vote yesterday. They let me do
it, but it was clear that I was not going to be able to keep
functioning with an expired state ID. For visits to the Secretary of
State Office I am largely dependent on the good will (and wheels) of
other folk. I am inclined to not be too terribly picky about options
for these. I had an offer of a ride to get the state ID updated, if I
could do at at the time the office opened today, which was supposed to
be 8am. OK, I’ll try to make that work. Early morning is my strong
time, right?

Unfortunately, the shop didn’t open at 8am, it was at 9am. That left
an hour to hang out in the parking lot, which happened to have a nice
mom-&-pop eatery open for breakfast. I hadn’t had solids since the
surgery, but it was just too tempting. I ordered scrambled eggs and
one pancake. The scrambled eggs were ok. Eating the pancake hurt, so I
cut it up into really tiny bites. I will wait a few more days before I
try that again.

Meanwhile, my usual friends were sitting there on the table.
McIlhenny’s, Clancy’s and Frank’s. I have a McIlhenny’s Tabasco apron.
I love it. My son has been using it while I am under the weather. I
think he plans to abscond with it. Right now, all I can do with hot
sauce is look at it. It looks mighty fine, doesn’t it?