Pic of the day – How You Slice It (M’Histoire)


For a few days, I am not going to take new pics but instead am going
to rely on pics I took on voting day.

I keep making the mistake of thinking I can cut back on pain meds, and
then needing more than if I just took the regular dose on time. Today
I tried slicing the pills in half and taking half doses. That didn’t
work. I am running low on meds, and keep thinking I won’t need them by
the time I run out. But tomorrow is Friday, and then there is the
weekend. Meanwhile, my throat has started hurting as a completely
separate thing from the surgical incision. Feels kind of like strep
throat, but not quite. A bit swollen, though, in the throat and hurts
to swallow. Darn it.

Took it easy today, and plan to do the same tomorrow. Will sit in
silence and savor the golden autumn light. Unless it snows. Which is
forecast. There may still be golden light, tho.