Pic of the day – Scars of Shadow in the Light (M’Histoire)


Healing is a a bit like riding a roller coaster—up and down, red light
/ green light, good days / bad days, think you’re getting better then
change your mind, think something is wrong and change your mind. The
past couple days have been like that. I don’t need to spell out all
the details, they’re boring. Suffice it to say that I am having bouts
of needing to sleep urgently and unexpectedly, and thought I’d be past
that by now. Trying to got off the prescription pain meds, since I
suspect that part of the reason I don’t feel so hot is the meds more
than the surgery. Today was also the first day I could slide the tip
of my tongue down the incision line, that starts out slim, widens in
the middle, and narrows again. It’s healing. That’s good.