Pic of the day – Rice Pudding Days, Egg Salad Days (M’Histoire)


The Kozy Shack Rice Pudding from Whole Foods has been one of the few
foods I can eat that is completely comfortable. It feels so good in my
mouth it is as if it sucks the pain out of the tissues. Unfortunately,
I have to swallow at some point, and it doesn’t take the pain* away as
long as a pain pill does. Still, it is such a comfort.

*(Side note: I had a tip from a doctor friend about mixing my
prescription meds with OTC like Motrin to make it possible to cut back
the mind-blurring meds. It is working. I still can’t give them up
entirely, but have cut down to a fraction of what I was taking

Despite that, I am getting really sick of rice pudding. One of my
friends pinged me this morning early and offered me a ride to the
grocery store. I have been craving protein, and I suspect the rice
pudding and smoothies and ice cream are responsible for that. I have
been eating protein, just not the high quality stuff I am used to
having, and I usually eat very little in the way of carbs or dairy, so
this is backwards for my body.

I’ve tried all kinds of things. I found most meats are either lumpy
and bump tender places in my mouth or have stringy fibers that catch
on the stitches and are painful to disentangle. Pureed, meats are
gluey and unpleasant. Hummus was, to my astonishment, also gluey and
stuck to the stitches. I’ve been putting cheese in my vegetable soups
and onion dip in my lentil soup, both of which taste lovely but aren’t
quite hitting the spot. I had a bright idea today. What about egg
salad? So, egg salad it will be. Away I went to boil eggs.