Pic of the day – Paper Presents (M’Histoire)


Take a couple weeks off work, even without surgery, and you lose stamina for a full day of work and running back and forth and all that. So, I’m trying to get myself back on my feet and ready to go back to work next week (hopefully). Looks like I’ll still be on a mostly soft bland diet for a while even after I go back. It still really gets my attention if I even lightly bump the roof of my mouth with anything resembling solid food. Ah well. Anyway, as part of trying to build up endurance, I was doing a little housecleaning today. Nothing heavy, but sorting papers that have piled up on the “dining room” table. I’d kind of like to be able to eat on it for the holidays, you know?

Also today I had a visit from what was supposed to be the absolute final set of workmen before winter. This group put up scaffolding and was going to do some repairs on my chimney. When they got up there and looked at it, they realized that the chimney is in such a bad state that it isn’t safe for them to do ANYTHING to it, without (SURPRISE!) some pretty substantive work before the chimney cap they were going to replace. Now, I want to know, why the last guy to work on the chimney didn’t tell me about this? Except, he was a roofer, not really a chimney guy, so I guess that answers my question. Darn it. I am way past being out of money, and having to make arrangements for covering this that are not what I’d like to be doing right now. They’ll take another look tomorrow, and I should hear another price quote in a few days. Rather disheartened. Looks like this is going to be the story of my life for a goodly chunk of the coming year or two. House repairs, that is.

A couple of my dear friends who’ve been hearing all the installments of this saga along the way have forbidden me to give them birthday or Christmas presents this year. It is looking like a real homegrown holiday time. As part of tidying papers on the table, I found some very lovely special papers that I had put there until I got to them to cut up for my paper folding. The intro image to this post is from one of them. I am thinking it is time to dust off my jewelry making skills, especially my origami jewelry that is so unique. Here is an example: