Pic of the day – Zigzag (M’Histoire)


What a DAY! I am whipped. It has been a day in which I was “running”
from place to place, but always getting tired in between and stopping
to rest, which meant everything took longer.

I had my post-op appointment this morning to be cleared for return to
work. No problem on that account. They did snip those horrible long
loose threads from the sutures that have been dangling down the back
of my throat triggering chronic irritation and my gag reflex. I cannot
express what a relief it is to have that gone. I also asked how much
longer I should expect it to be tender and painful, as in ‘how long
until I can eat normal food’. Sounds like I should not expect to eat
everything for Thanksgiving dinner, but should be back to normal by
Christmas. They always run late, so it was after 1pm before I got out.

Since I was in the same line of buildings as my office, I decided to
take the paperwork to my boss right then, rather than carry it home
(maybe misplace it) and then have to bring it back. I was a little
tired by then, so I stopped along the way and bought a smoothie for a
late lunch. Bumped into someone from the office and chatted with her,
then when I actually got into the office chatted with a bunch of

My daughter had opened a new small business last month, and had
invited to come over to see it. I hadn’t had a chance and realized
this was probably the last time I would have a chance before
Christmas. Decided I could rest on the bus, since it is a longish
ride. Finally made it to her shop a while after 3pm. Took a bunch of
pics (which I’ll probably post next week). The picture at the front of
this post is one from her shop. By then it was time that my son would
have been being picked up from school by his dad. He hadn’t seen his
sister’s new office yet either, so I phoned and they stopped by.

After a few minutes we realized that I had completely forgotten my son
had a videogame tournament at the public library tonight. OOOOPPPSSS!!
Got here, grabbed a snack next door, went back to the library, put my
head down on my arms for a while, and voilà. That’s my day. Bouncing
from place to place, riding a roller coaster of energy levels, zig and