Pic of the day – A Promise of Things to Come (M’Histoire)


OK, yes, I’m wearing out easily. I knew that. I knew that simply going
from place to place yesterday wore me out. But I got a call this
morning inviting me to go do some light weight simple martial arts
sparring with some friends. Well, I’m trying to build up my strength
again, right? I figured go, be careful, do a little bit, take a few
breaks, and then make sure I get a good rest. Well, doing nothing more
strenuous than the first 3 jo kata was about all I could handle. In a
few minutes, my head was swimming. In less than half an hour, I was
seeing stars and everyone else had pretty well figured out I was not
up to this. So, I was relegated to sitting down and taking pics. I
spent a good bit of time trying to get a good pic of this tricky hand
position. Keep in mind I was indeed sitting down on the sidelines and
using zoom while they practiced. They were not posing for me. So this
was a bit of a challenge and I am pleased with how it came out.
Meanwhile, I’m not sure that this bodes well for going back to work
next week. I will try to take things easy, I think.