Pic of the day – Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest (M’Histoire)


This is not a very good picture of one of Muruga’s newest paintings,
of an angel. Muruga is a musician, well known and very talented in
countless ways.

I tried to go to church choir today. Again, after all, I am back to
work tomorrow, right? No restrictions, right? So I’m fine, right? Back
to normal, can do everything I usually do. Well, I went to church
choir, and the experience was similar to yesterday’s 20 minutes of jo.
I made it through the Mass, but I was whipped, beat, came home and
slept for TWO HOURS. Didn’t eat lunch until 4pm because I was sleeping
so long, and when I woke up I was still too tired to eat or make food.

Had a meeting in Twitter tonight, but now I am back to bed. Wish me
luck for tomorrow!