Pic of the day – Broken Leaves & Bokens (M’Histoire)


Today was the FIRST day I did not absolutely crash when I got home.

Yesterday was an interesting story. I left work a half hour early because I was just so tired. Got home while it was still sunny. Walked in, lay in the recliner, covered up with a warm blanket, and the next thing I knew it was dark, and my ex-husband was standing over me with a weapon.

Now, that is going to sound very strange. It isn’t really, and I wasn’t at all alarmed. I just stretched, and waved, kind of weakly. He hesitantly said, “Is everything ok?”

“Umm, hmmm. Why? What’s up?”

“Well, the door was standing open.”

“Oh. I was tired.”

At this point, my son comes in with a weapon, and says, “Mom! You NEVER do that again!!” My ex laughs.

You see, we all study martial arts, and it isn’t at all surprising for us to have weapons various places around the house. My son had actually grabbed the boken that I had left by the (ahem, OPEN) door, which wouldn’t have done any good at all. At least, it wouldn’t have done ME any good, if a stranger had come in the open door. They were both a bit scared because the last time we came home to find the door open, the house had been burglarized. So they both thought the worst, and it could have been MUCH worse.

I should have blogged this yesterday, but I was too tired, even after the nap.