Pic of the day – Layers & Layers (M’Histoire)


Complications. Lots of ’em.

Part 1.
I wake up Friday, end of my first week back at work. I feel like I
can’t stand up. Hurt in six places in my head. Email my boss that I’d
run out of steam, pack the kid off to school, and go back to bed for
several hours. Wake up. Do 2 things. Lay down. That kind of day.
Problem is that night one of my very very best friends is having a
combination birthday party and major celebration that they’ve been
planning for months, and which I had promised I would help with. I am
not up to this. I know I am not up to this. But they really need the
help, and I promised. So I go to the party, dance a couple, sit a lot,
help clean up after. The picture is of the cake. Happy happy, ouch

Part 2.
I woke up this morning. Three hours later than usual. Oh, my feet
hurt. One in particular. Son said, “Lift your left leg. Hmm. Lift your
right leg. Hmm. Lift your left leg. Hmmmm. Yeah, it looks swollen.”
Painkillers. Footrest. Later time for kid’s drum lesson. Walk down.
He’s walking way faster than me. “Better, go ahead, I’m movin’ kind of
slow.” Eventually I make it. Barely. Head for a chair, chat with the
parent next to me. Start to nod off. Time to go back. Uh oh. Clamp
onto DS’s arm. I see all kinds of lovely things I want to take
pictures of (black berry clusters, bright purple daisy flowers, grey
berries, autumn leaves), but I don’t think I can stand up to take
them. I know. That doesn’t sound like me, does it? Get home. Hungry.
Too tired to eat. Sleep for a few hours. Beg DS to make me a bowl of
Campbell’s soup. Still haven’t stood up again yet.

Part 3.
Momentile. Was too tired yesterday to send my pic to Momentile. Was
going to do it this morning, but the service had been shut down as a
spam site. What the heck? Their cloud service provider (VPS.net) shut
them down, without warning or talking about it, then went offline and
didn’t answer emails and didn’t provide phone service. Momentile,
having no idea why they’ve been shut down and unable to get an answer,
was apologizing in public to their users, explaining as best as they
could what was happening with the limited information they had
available to them. Roughly 20, 22 hours later, VPS wakes up and starts
talking to people. Meanwhile, folks who had never heard of them before
have become intimately familiar with their inability to provide timely
support for their cloud service. Yes, they had a fair justification
for shutting the service down, but, wow, they sure can’t provide
support or communicate, at least from what we’ve seen today.

It’s complicated.