Pic of the day – Quinoa & Quietude


Ok, I’m sick. Not as sick today as yesterday. Wow, yesterday. If I had
felt like that much longer, I would have gone to the Emergency Room.

Remember the kid had maybe whooping cough, and then the test was
negative? Well, directly after that, both his dad and I came down with
the same symptoms. Then his sister’s roommate. Next … probably his
sister? The friend who gave me a ride home the Monday before?
Obviously this is hellaciously contagious. I find myself looking at my
son’s antibiotics and craving them. I leave them alone, but I want
some of my own. After a couple days, I am coughing up nasty yellow
phlegm and blood. I also have an earache. And pain in my sinuses. OK,
I can wait another day and be SURE I convince the docs I am sick
enough for antibiotics. Ah, well, I really don’t want to get so sick,
right after I just recovered from surgery. Off I go.

Med student interviews me. She asks me several questions about
pertussis. I say, “Oh, yeah, sure, we were exposed through my son’s
school, but my son tested negative. so it’s something else.” Now, I
have complete laryngitis, so it is more painful croaking than actually
talking. I write stuff down on a pad of neon paper I brought with me.
She also listens to my heart for an unusually long time. The attending
comes in. He listens more. Ponders. Ask how the antibiotics did for my
son. Wow, did they help! Alright, then. They give me the same thing
they gave my son to treat possible pertussis. Does that mean they
think I have pertussis? I’m not sure. I look puzzled, but don’t ask.
The doc says something about, “We know your son wasn’t the starter
case, it was a girl at his school, but still … ” I’m not remembering
this clearly, so it was probably similar words, but I don’t know the
jargon and didn’t remember. Sounds like they think I might. Hmmm.

I go off to get the prescription. Chat with people along the way.
Obviously, my brain has not kicked in. I spent about a half hour
talking to our new parish priest in the mall. Oh, that was smart!
NOT!!! Duh. That’ll teach him. Good grief. Later, I phone the dad (my
ex) and urge him to see his doc.

Meanwhile, I’ve taken my first dose, and the disease fights back. It
is war, now. My symptoms spike, and get about 200% worse within the
space of an hour, then downhill from there. The night is awful. I’m
taking codeine leftover from the surgery to control the cough. I cut
them in half so I don’t take too much. Over the night, I end up taking
4 or 5, before finally, the cough settles down and I can sleep. I also
tried the mucinex and the cough syrup. I feel AWFUL.

Then, when I wake up, it isn’t as awful. Hmmm. I figure, well, the
codeine is still in my system. But it never gets quite as bad again as
it was. The day is quiet. I nap a lot. I am alone, since the kid went
back to school. Begged to go to school. I listen to a little music,
sleep a lot, drink hot honey and lemon water constantly. The high
point of the day is when I feel like eating, and debate whether I want
my leftover chicken in fruit gravy on rice or quinoa. I decided on
rice, but the quinoa was awful pretty. Maybe I’ll try that tomorrow.
I’m still coughing plenty, so even though I’m better, I have a ways to