Pic of the day – What’s Black & White & Red All Over?


I feel like saying “me”, but that is just self-indulgence. Actually,
the picture is of something I am working on for my daughter. It was
her birthday this week, and her partner’s birthday also. Their
combined birthday party is Saturday, as well as the grand opening for
her business. Next week is kiddo’s birthday. Of course Christmas is
coming up also. I received my first package in the mail today, from a
friend for whom I missed both Christmas and birthday last year. I am
also thinking about the friend who sent me a nice surprise while I was
recovering from surgery last month, and to whom I owe a thank you

This has been one of those years with an infinity of excuses for why I
can’t get anything done. Outside of work, that is. Now it is time to
face the music. Short on money, time, and way way short on energy, how
do I do things for the people I love to say I love them?

Today I started trying to do a little origami. To my astonishment,
that took a lot of energy. At least it felt like a lot of energy.
Origami is something that is relatively low energy, so I guess it was
smart to stay home a couple more days. There are just a few niggling
coughing fits, but feeling mostly like I am in recuperation phase.
Now, to start being productive, and building energy to go back to the
office next week.