Pic of the day – Expanding Construction


You can see I am making progress. I was trying to get this paper
sculpture finished by tomorrow for my daughter’s combined birthday
party & Grand Opening of her new store. I made the mistake of phoning
to see what she wanted or needed brought and found out we’d been
invited by accident and are not supposed to come. Oh. So I guess I
have plenty of time.

Last time something like this happened, I was making her a man-style
workshirt out of geisha fabric with a very sharp contrasting black
color. I was almost done, just getting ready to put on the buttons
when she told me she didn’t want me making clothes for her anymore. So
I haven’t. The shirt, if I ever put those buttons on (it’s been ten
years now and I found it recently) will be mine. I love it. Or maybe
I’d give it to my son. He loves things like that, too.

She did consent to come to her brother’s birthday next week and permit
us to do birthday stuff then.

On the whooping cough front, I was astonished today to find that yet
another batch of infection is breaking up and moving out. We are
basically pretty fine, but both my son and I are having ticklish
throats. I think it may be a while before the sensitive tissues heal.