Pic of the day – Cradled Colors


This is going to be yet another Christmas that is, um, helterskelter,
disorganized, unplanned, etcetera. So I am trying to stay loose, go
with the flow, and focus on the little things that go right.

This means, despite having NO presents mailed and disappointing my
family back home, we did get a small crew of people together a few
different places and made some origami for the kids in the hospital
and got it there. This pic is from a stack of origami several folk
made. This piece is sometimes called “cootie catchers”, but is also
called “candy dish”, “salt cellar,” “fortune teller,” or other things.
Aren’t the colors just lovely, happy and joyful?

Came home today and found that my son had left the flame on the stove
under a pan of grease. He had left the house 2.5 hours before I got
home. Nothing was damaged except the pan, and even that is usable. We
are very lucky to have a home. That is more important than whether the
tree is set up or the packages wrapped or mailed.