Pic of the day – Joyous Lights


We had a truly wonderful day at my daughter’s house, meeting her
friends, the “in-laws” (who are very special people whose great good
hearts just shine out of them), eating too much, playing games, making
jokes, telling stories …

This picture was taken of the Christmas tree, by spinning the camera
in small tight circles.

Her friends were very patient allowing us old fogies to tell stories.
There was enough food to stuff three times the number of people
present and have some left. The in-laws had to leave early for the
2-hour drive home in sleeting rain. Made it safe and sound. I only had
a bite or two of each thing, and am still uncomfortably full. It was
almost all vegetarian, except for the turkey and gravy and someone
brought ham rolls.

DD was calm and sweet. After dinner and games, my daughter and I ended
up dancing, which was a wonderful gift and very pleasant surprise and
great fun. My first present of the holiday was last night when I left
for Mass, but son telling me (for the first time in his LIFE), “Mom,
you look really nice!” 🙂 We brought home leftovers and put them
mostly on the back porch, so that I can rest now and deal with food
later. 🙂 Family get together with presents and food on Monday.
Tomorrow is more cleaning & organizing & wrapping & all that.