Pic of the day – Choices, Choices


Today I found this amusing and thought-provoking site called, “Someone Else Will Put It Back.

The site had two main points, which skittered off in many directions
from those beginnings, provoking great humor and occasional pathos.
One point was a general awareness of the work we create for others by
not picking up after ourselves along the many paths we take. Kind of
how we create entropy, and how each momentary lapse of personal
responsibility and lack of awareness of the impact of our actions on
others creates a path that spirals slowly (in babysteps) toward the
destruction of the world. For a richer explanation of the basic
philosophy in a more grandiose and evocative form, see the Young Wizards books by Diane Duane (archive version here, and no, I am not sure it is authorized), and the Wizard’s Oath.

I am probably putting way more thought into this than the SEWPIB site
did! The idea of putting things back where you found them is something
we always try to break people of in libraries. The books are valuable,
and if you put them in the wrong place, there is a very real
possibility that they may never be found again, or not for decades. We
also have no idea whether the book is being used unless folks leave it
out where we can find it, and that information sometimes determines
whether or not a book is kept. If you love a book, take it OFF the
shelf and DON’T put it back. In libraries, we do NOT want patrons
putting the books back. We want the statistics, and we want to be
absolutely certain it goes back in exactly the right place. It was a
bit of a surprise to me that grocery stores have the opposite
philosophy, however this explains why we have so much trouble breaking
people of the habit.

The second point seemed to be to crowdsource the concept and have
people pay special awareness to finding these beasts in situ, so to
speak, and then to tell the implied stories. Why and how did those two
incongruent items become juxtaposed in real life?

With that idea priming the pump, we went shopping today to find
turtlenecks for my son, who pulled a muscle in his neck and wanted
something to keep it warm. We didn’t find turtlenecks for men, but we
did find lots of funny tshirts, hoodies, sweaters, and other warm
clothes. Since I had just finished reading the book from my Christmas
stocking, I whipped past the book rack to see what piqued my interest
and seemed appropriate brainless holiday reading. That was where I
found this – a mix for pumpkin pie bars sitting in the book rack
amidst the romances. As a librarian I am rather delighted with the
idea that if someone had to choose between a less than healthy
high-calorie treat and reading a book that supports imagination and
hopes and dreams, that one would choose the latter. I love the idea of
books as diet food. šŸ™‚ Excellent choice, whoever did it!