Pic of the day – I could have danced all night …


It is probably my age, but old musicals just seem like part of the
holidays to me. My Fair Lady was one of my mother’s favorite when I
was a child, so I heard it over and over.

When I was a bit older than that, after many years of craving the
opportunity to learn to dance, I reached an age where they taught
dance in the public schools. After that, I took any and all dance
classes available, and spent study halls in the dance studio,
stretching on the barre and working out. There were times I managed to
dance six hours a day, which is pretty good for someone who was going
nowhere with it and not paying for lessons. I literally wanted to
dance all night.

Now, I am decades older. I have defective knees, hips, lower back,
feet, arches … I still dance whenever I can, but it hurts a lot and
I certainly can’t do it all night. Except in Second Life. 🙂

This picture is from a skating party held tonight by one of my Second
Life neighbors, Teachergirl. She has set up the loveliest skating rink
I’ve found in SL. It is really special.