Pic of the day – “But I can’t regret what I did for… Science?”


Today was a strange day. I was at my son’s school most of the day,
waiting for him to finish things he was doing. Luckily, I could get
wireless access (as long as I didn’t try to use Twitter, or Youtube,
or Facebook, or …). I could access the livestream of the Science
Online 2011 conference. I started in the cafeteria. Moved when I found
the outlets had no power. Carried the computer around a few places
with me. Then when kid was done, we found we were being kicked out of
the school although we had an hour and a half wait until our ride
arrived. There were no chairs or tables. I sat on the very chilly
floor in a draft by the front door. I tried to get up at one point to
move a bit and discovered that moving at all was a problem. So then I
ended up with the computer on the stairs (see picture). But it was a
really great conference, which I hope to blog in a professional space
soon. I was really hooked.