Pic of the day – Disturbing Lights in the Darkness


Last night was a night of darkness, disturbance, wakefulness, cold
sliced with heat, mysterious lights and puzzling dreams.

One of the dreams was of a creature that was part lizard, part
chameleon, part insect; covered with colors as bright and bold as a
parrot, layered with dangerous brilliant poisonous spikes and spines.
When it was in display mode, the brightly colored spines showed
incredibly lovely layers and stripes of color; when it was in
camouflage mode, it curled in upon itself, carefully collapsing all
the myriad moving bits into a tight seamless whole, a single unit, as
if it was a still object. The object it resembled was a Barbie doll
dressed in a Superman outfit, all bold primaries —blues, reds and
yellows. If a child grabbed it, the spikes unfurled and became active.

This was only one of the disturbing dreams, but obviously the one that
disturbed me the most, the one that echoed and repeated. Finally I
gave up trying to sleep and moved around the house in the dark. The
curtain over the door to the outside was bright, lit in an unusual
way, with dim blurred shapes outlined upon it. At first I thought we’d
left on the outside light. But no, that would have been crisp shapes.
Finally, I went and lifted the curtain to see what was going on. Two
yards away, one of our neighbors had turned on his car and left it
running with the lights on full. An hour later, the car was still
there, the lights still on. I began to be worried. By this time my son
was also awake and leaving for school. It made him nervous also. What
was going on? It was a warm morning. Unlikely that he’d be warming the
car battery for that length of time, and if he was, then why suck the
battery by running the lights? At last the car moved, shifted the
angle of the lights, and drove off.