Pic of the day – Dimming of the Light


It was a brief but amazing storm. The storm had just started when we
left the school across town, when I took this picture, but snow was
coming down thick, heavy, wet. There was never again enough light or
visibility to attempt a second picture. Within a couple blocks, the
driver was struggling to see the side of the road, and kept increasing
the speed of the wipers. At one mile, we pulled over to clear the
window and the wipers of ice and snow. Six more miles to go, and two
or three more stops to clear the window. After the next to the last
stop, we noticed another driver not far behind us who had misjudged
the edge of the road and steered into the curb. They weren’t going to
be going any further any time soon. We were fervently grateful it
wasn’t us, and I felt horribly guilty for calling my friend for a ride
in what turned out to be such awful weather. But I was equally
grateful we weren’t walking or trying to catch a bus a mile or more
away. Despite the thickness of the falling snow, I was still stunned
when we arrived at my house and found that you couldn’t tell the
driveway had been clear that morning, and the snow was well over the
top of my shoes. We had a good two to three inches at that point, and
it wasn’t stopping.