Pic of the day – Uhhhh, Driveway?


Today my son was shoveling the driveway while I was at an all day
meeting. He’s shoveled our property several times before, both with me
and on his own, but this was the first time i wasn’t home at all. I
phoned him a couple times to make sure everything was ok, going well,
no questions, etc. Some friends gave me a ride home, and we pulled up
to the driveway to see … uh, see … uh, um, the driveway was almost
done. Actually, it was done all the way from the door of the house to
the sidewalk. The only thing that wasn’t shoveled was … the

We all laughed, I piled out of the car, loaded up to my chin with
things to carry, and teetered through about two yards of drifts up to
my knee. I was thoroughly soaked and chilled by the time I got to the
house, and very glad it wasn’t a longer distance. After I changed
clothes and got a cup of something warm to drink, my son and I
discussed strategic approaches to shoveling. 😉 Complete with
diagrams. Better luck next time.