Pic of the day – Still Shoveling


Last night, I heard some strange noises, loud, sounded like someone
dragging large empty containers back and forth. After a few minutes I
asked my son to check on it. Then I noticed bright yellow and orange
lights outside in our driveway. We were a bit alarmed. My son was
afraid to go check on things, but I had already gotten into my PJs
because I’m sick and felt just awful. Then my son peeked outside and
saw a stranger walking towards our door. He was pretty alarmed by that
point, so I went to answer the door (sick and in my pajamas).

Mr. Stranger beams at me, and standas there expectantly.

“What’s up?” I ask.

He grins broadly. “Are you BJ’s wife?”

I hope I looked as dumbfounded as I felt. “I’m no one’s wife.”

Dead silence. Or pregnant pause. Take your pick.

“Gosh, darn it! I can’t believe I just plowed the wrong driveway!”

He looks at me expectantly, and grins again. I wait. He waits. I
cough. Then I break down, and say, “Is that what was going on? We were
kind of caught off guard here. I tried to get my son to go check,
since I’m here in my pajamas already. But that didn’t work out.”

He looks at me. His eyes flicker over my shoulder. Then he smiles
again, and says, “Well, I guess you got lucky and that one’s a
freebie! Have a nice day.”

He smiles less broadly, and leaves. I close the door, sag gratefully,
close my eyes, and take couple slow breaths. Then, when I turn around,
I see my son, at the top of the stairs, holding the ice chopper like
he’s going to attack someone with it. Oh. Oh! Sigh. Well, that was

This morning checked, and of course he plowed the last four yards of
the driveway that hadn’t gotten shoveled yet, and plowed them right
into huge mounds across the sidewalk. So today, I sent kiddo back out
to shovel more. Phoned from work and reminded him a couple times. Got
home, and nothing had been done. So I made sure he started. This is
him standing on the smaller mountain next to what he says was “the
biggest piece of ice you’ve ever seen!” Well, maybe the biggest HE has
ever seen. 😉