Pic of the day – Bright Objects Hypnotize the Mind


Today I walked across campus from one meeting to another, in the rain,
dripping, wet and cold, and walked into the Graduate Library, where in
the blurred mist of glasses and windows and lights reflecting I picked
out the words, “Bright Objects Hypnotize the Mind.” I peered a little
closer and realized that exhibit case was packed to the gills with
copies of the official poster for National Poetry Month. Supposedly, it is one
copy free per library, so I am not sure how they managed to get 9
copies for their exhibit case. I wish I could get one. This is, in my
view, the best one yet. Possibly I think so because it reminds me of
the bayou, and my mother’s Cajun. But it reminds me of other things,
too. Toulouse-Lautrec. Jungles. Amazon and inner city, both. Broadway.
Falling in love when one would not. The sky turned green right before
a tornado.