Pic of the day – “Are you really a girl?”


I’m strange. I’m fascinated by the oddest things. This is a pic from
an exhibit in the Science Library. It was just TOO COOL not to take a
pic. So there you go, I think this is cool. Be grateful I spared you
the even better picture of the snake curled up in a jar of

Actually, I’ve always found the smell of formaldehyde appealing. And
skunks. I already said I’m strange. I do find the odor of dead things
unutterably revolting, and am hypersensitive to it, so I’m not all

When I was a small girl, perhaps about 8 years old, there was a time
when a group of little boys who were well on the road to growing up to
be evil decided to taunt me with a snake. They’d caught the snake (a
bullsnake), tied it up in a plastic bag and were stoning it. I yelled
at them, and they threatened to throw the snake at me. Well, I like
snakes. That didn’t work the way they thought. I threatened to go get
a grown up if they didn’t leave the snake alone. They looked utterly
incredulous. “But aren’t you a girl? Are you sure?” They did run away
and leave me with the wounded snake. The bag it was in was torn open
in places, so I found a couple long sticks, and very gently stretched
the holes open wider, and tried to delicately pull it back from the
snake. It lurched out of the bag and limped into the grasses. The
rocks had cut it almost in half, and it was unable to move its back
half below the injury.