Pic of the day – Class of ’52


Hidden stories. Implied stories. When I was walking the halls of the
hospital and saw this flower taped to one of the class photos, I
thought, “Oh, how sad. Someone must have died. Touching that someone
cares so much.” That would have been the end of the matter, except
that I was looking for a picture for today and thought this was
worthy. Then looking at the photos, I wondered who it was, and thought
it might be nice to share a little of the story in the blogpost with
the picture. The story gets much more interesting. I checked, and
couldn’t find obits for any of the names near the flowers except for
WJ Fry. To my surprise, I discovered that William James Fry M.D.,
pioneer of vascular surgery, President of the Coller Society in
1977-78, and honored in the William J Fry Professorship in Surgery,
died four years ago, Memorial Day weekend. Here is a link to one of
his most important articles:

Importance of Porosity in Arterial Prostheses

I’m now guessing the flower must have been up there for a few days. He
most definitely is remembered.