Pic of the day – Where I Want to Be Tomorrow


I saw this while I was walking from my office to a meeting. Sent it
out on Twitter via Foursquare and had a reply, “What the heck is
THAT?” Yep, that was my thought also. Turns out it is this:

Amococo, by Architects of Air

More information:

I wanted to see this in the worst way. Came home and tried to talk my
son into going, but he said no. Then his friend phoned and said, “It
is the coolest thing I’ve seen ever! It is like walking inside a
lavalamp! You have to see it!” So guess where we are going to go


It runs all weekend. Don’t go tomorrow. Leave plenty of time and space
for me. You go on Saturday or Sunday, ok? šŸ™‚ Want something else to
do? Try Shakespeare in the Arb: