Pic of the day – AmyBeth


Yesterday was the Second Life memorial for AmyBeth Seerose. The one
with her family in Delaware was last Wednesday. AmyBeth was all over
the same spaces in Second Life that I try to work in. She went to
ToolsJam. She volunteered with Metanomics. She was active with VWER
and came to ISTE meetings and the Nonprofit Commons. She was a nurse
educator and because of that joined the Healthcare Education group as
well as SLHealthy. She was VERY active in the Virtual Abilities
community, helping people with disabilities and special needs find
ways to make the medical system work for them. She had a lot of
suggestions for me about how to help my son tolerate shots better,
some really useful sneaky ideas that I like a lot. Not breaking the
rules, but bending them in a compassionate way to prevent stress and
mental hardship. She worked with a support group for patients with
Alzheimer’s or dementia. That is all on top of the work she did
outside of Second Life, with nursing education and consumer health
education, farming, and community activities. And she was looking in
Second Life for simulations she could use with her nursing students to
help them better understand patient needs and experience. Wow. The
first thing I heard her say (aside from “hi”, because she seemed to
know everyone) was: “the definition of insanity-doing something the
same way over and over and expecting different results.” I wish she
was still around.