Pic of the day – Chocolate Transition


Yesterday I was talking about trying out gluten free. I figured if it
was going to be giving up some of the things I love, that I’d plan on
a transition and make sure I had a few of the things I’d miss most
beforehand. So this morning I warmed up a chocolate croissant so it
was all oozing and melting insider, glorious dark chocolate. That is
what the pic is. Mmmmm.

Anyway, that was the plan, but for dinner, live didn’t go as planned,
and I ended up eating a burger at a restaurant in a bun. I’m sure I
will keep discovering more and more things to avoid. If it works like
the other things I’ve had to exclude from my diet, I’ll cut out some
of it, start to get better; start to cheat on the diet, get worse; and
each time I go through that cycle I’ll find that I’ve gotten more and
more sensitive to the thing being excluded. So this is just the
beginning. Starting with cutting back here and cutting out there,
little by little.