Pic of the day – Spelt Bread


I was at Whole Foods looking for some gluten free breads that I could
try instead of usual bread. I thought this looked like something so
completely different from normal bread it must be gluten-free, some
other non-wheat whole grain. Didn’t know what spelt was, but felt
brave, and I’d give it a try. Isn’t it a lovely earthy looking bread?

Had some with dinner last night, instead of the last bun. Had some
after work today. Noticed both times that my stomach was a bit upset.
Thought it must have been the tomato paste or the pickle relish or
something. Nope! I bet you already know that spelt is actually wheat.
I didn’t! I do now. Sigh. I bet most folk who try to go gluten-free
make all the same dumb mistakes I’m making, but that’s ok. That’s how
you learn, and how you remember. One step at a time.