Pic of the day: We Waltz (or, the one that got away)

Today I was focused on getting the houseclean enough for the refinance closing (which ended up not happening after all). However, because it was scheduled for today, I was able to cadge a ride to the post office from my ex to mail the last two years worth of Xmas presents which have been taking up a sizable chunk of floor in the living room. While driving places I saw a license plate that was so perfect, so ripe with personal meaning, that I wanted a pic of it badly. But it was pouring rain and they turned the other direction, so it didn’t happen. What was so perfect? RJNCJUN. Oh, that would be “ragin’ Cajun,” in case you couldn’t guess. Why is this perfect? Well, my momma’s Cajun, if you didn’t know. But if I can’t get ” Cajun,” “we waltz” makes a fine 2nd place. Especially since Cajuns waltz a lot, and so do I.


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