Pic of the day – White Pride

I passed this painted slogan today, just north of the Med Campus. It disturbed me. A few years ago the University of Michigan made history with legal battles in favor of diverse recruitment practices. Shortly afterwards or right about the same time the state economy took a nose dive, and to this doesn’t show good signs of recovery. Recently, we’ve had not just economic challenges but one of the hottest summers on record. Disasters and heartwrenching crises surround us globally and nationally. In town, there has been a small flood of violent crimes, including what appears to be a sexual predator targeting young women near campus. The local paper headlined the Sunday paper with reportage of local violence, protests against the same, commentary on recent cuts in public services focusing on police and fire safety. Women talked about not feeling safe going out with friends at night. My son has asked me to sleep with weapons near me, not for my sake, but because it makes him feel safer.

White pride. Pride. Can’t we take pride in making a community in which everyone feels safe? I know it’s complicated, but it kind of seems to come down to that old chestnut “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Yeah, just call me naive, but can’t we keep trying?


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