Pic of the day – Clustering of Happiness

When I was taking this picture a friend from the office was telling me a little bit about her faith and religion. I freely confess that I wasn’t grasping it, but the gist seemed to be that in her faith tradition, because God knows best, and because we accept that we cannot truly understand God’s purpose in the things that happen, we should be positive and optimistic about whatever happens. When she told me this my reaction was, “That’s hard sometimes.” She agreed. I think there is something similar in faith tradition in which I was raised as well, but I’m not sure. I don’t know enough to compare. But I remember Job’s trials. It is one thing to expect us to accept the clusters of joys and the clusters of tribulations, and something entirely different to expect people to be happy about it. Many women I’ve known going through chemo have tried to smile and laugh their way through, and then felt horribly guilty when there were days they just couldn’t. I think I like better the view of David Roche in his book “The Church of 80% Sincerity” in which the expectation is that we’ll try (most of the time) and we’ll succeed (most of the time), and the rest of the time is just OK. Because we aren’t perfect, and neither is anything or anyone else.


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