Pic of the day – Black Quinoa!

I was so, so, so happy to come home from work and find the black quinoa I’d ordered waiting by the door. I promptly mixed 12 ounces of that with 16 ounces of white and red quinoa. Now, a batch is in the rice cooker, and I’m making up a new recipe for my food blog. What fun!

Oh! Perhaps I should say why quinoa makes me happy today. It has a reputation for being a superfood, and from everything I’ve been able to find via research, and the way my body reacts to it, the rep is well deserved. I evidently have some sort of malabsorption and piles of dietary deficiencies. The long standing health problems seem to be responding to a combination of quinoa and avoiding gluten. It’s hard for me to avoid gluten and I miss a lot of favorite foods, but I’m hoping to adjust. I’ve found that red quinoa packs more of a punch for me than white, and I’m hoping that black is even moreso. 😉


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