Pic of the day – About to be Happy

I know this pic looks rather sad, but really it isn’t. The peace plant is unhappy, BUT it is in a brand new pot, new soil, drainage and bark at the bottom, freshly watered. It had been in the old pot at least five years. I owed it something better. It’s the only houseplant I haven’t killed in the past several years.

This is not the only thing I accomplished today! I took a day of vacation, without any crises, and with kiddo off at camp, and I got busy. Bought a woodchuck trap, the pot and soil, a few other things. Then off to the grocery store. Got home, labelled the jars of blueberry jam, made smoothies, transferred olive oil to new jars, cut my hair, showered, talked to my daughter, talked to the bank (three or four times), started blackberry-peach jam, and made mango jam. A good day.


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