Pic of the day – Chicken soup & more

It was the first week of public schools, the busing problems are so bad they are the most commented articles on the local news site, and basically nothing has gone as planned all week. One of the things that went cockeyed was making chicken soup to send to my daughter (who is still suffering pretty badly, although there are good days and bad days). Complications made everything take a bit longer, but I HAD to finish it today. Quarter to midnight and it is done, canned, and the jar kids popping. Nine and a half quarts of chicken soup. More, though, I canned more! 16 jars of plum butter, and about 8 or ten of this fig lemon sort of a compote that I made up. I’d go count, but we have bowling early in the morning, and no transportation aside from the city bus. ‘Night all!


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