Pic of the day – “Find a Red Cap”

Sigh. Not that simple anymore. We get off train 1, talk to the red cap. He says our layover is too long for him to help us; we can’t stay in the ticketed area, but have to leave and return. We go to food court, get DS a burger, and come back. We are directed to stand in a long line by police. They say there will be a security check. A couple folk are pulled out, then sent back to their place. They board some folk early — over 62, under 10, and active duty military. They start boarding process, and check everyone’s ticket. An elderly woman asks where to go. I direct her to the front of the line. The people there tell her to go to the end of the line. Her friend finds her a place in the middle. Folk there insist she go back to the head of the line. This time the staff let her through. We get to the head of the line and just run for the train. We stop to board. The conductor tells us to move two doors down. There is a long slow line there. We wait. The conductor there tells us we went too far and to go back. We tell him the other conductor sent us to him. “Really?!”, he says, and shakes his head. We end up going back. The first conductor now has a long line stretching the opposite direction. We interrupt, and tell him he sent us to the 2nd conductor and we were sent back. He says, “Where were you going? [shuffle, shuffle] Oh. Cripes. Where do you want to sit?” At last, we’re almost there. Just struggle with the luggage and find a seat in an unexpectedly empty car (which has really filled up since then).


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