Pic of the day – The Many Facets of …

I’ve been, shall we say, strongly encouraging my son to clean his room. He has the week off school, so this is a perfect time. I think, though, that he’ll almost be happy to get back to school and away from the Momma-says list. 😉 Anyway, he was cleaning his room and found this. Its purpose in our house is to gather together toys away from the floor and off the beds. For him, now, it is a prop for his improv comedy routine. When he came downstairs, stuffed into this and doing a Ministry-of-Silly-Walks waddle, I had SUCH a grin on my face. I had to get a pic. Somehow, the pattern of the mesh over his face reminds me of the faceted eyes of the housefly, breaking the world up into fragments, each slightly different, dramatically similar. Improv turns that idea upside down. Take an object, a personality, a situation, a scenario, and see what you can do with it. How many ways can you see it, how many directions can it shift, how many functions can you use it for, how can you morph it, moderate it, modify it … That is one of the early childhood tests for creativity. The higher the number of ideas, the more creative. So, off he goes.

Look, Mom, I’m a giant purple sausage! (This pic.)

Hmmmm, do you think I need to trim my nose hairs? (That one made laugh, and moan, and almost gag, all at the same time.)

I always wanted to grow a beard. (But I thought he’s too young to know about ZZ Top!)

… … …


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