Pic of the day – Playing 2000 Year Hopscotch


I spent yesterday at the Teaching the Holocaust workshop held at our
library with amazing presenters from the United States Holocaust
Memorial Museum. That was where I took this photo, while waiting for
people to arrive, and giving them directions to the rooms. One of the
themes that came up repeatedly throughout the day was how similar
stories seem to unfold over and over again, both from the point of
view of looking through history, and also at both macro and micro
levels. For example, how does the Holocaust and the mental gymnastics
that made it acceptable related to bullying in the schools, or
domestic violence? How do the ideologies of the extreme right or the
extreme left echo the logic of the Third Reich, that starting with a
truly good and humane vision and a desire to help others can, when
extrapolated to its logical extreme and imposed upon others without
truly informed consent, become the horrors and inhumanity of the
Holocaust. We talked a bit about the book Monoculture and how it
describes the way a unifying story shapes a culture, but so profoundly
and subtly that the individuals within the the story, the actors
playing out their roles, are incapable of seeing the overall arch of
the story and how it unfolds, incapable of seeing their role as such
and making choices that might allow them to step outside that story.

Monoculture: How One Story is Changing Everything:

Then someone on Twitter said to me that women need to be in charge for
at least 200 years to clean up the mess that the patriarchy has made
of things. And this came through after I spent the entire day immersed
in lessons about Hitler, the Third Reich, Aryan racial purity, the
Holocaust. Talk about patriarchy! Twitter doesn’t let you really SAY
much of anything at once, and that is too huge of a statement to
respond properly and briefly. So I said, “Long conversation to have
someday. 2000 rather than 200. ;)”

The 2000 years idea? Came from a friend many years ago, the head of a
Dianic coven (a concept that is still murky to me), who explained the
shifting axis of species evolution through the concepts in astrology,
the movement of the pole stars, and the idea that humanity has for
long periods of time shared stories that shape the smaller stories of
entire cultures and religions, which shape the stories of regions and
nations, which shape the stories of communities and families and
individuals. That these stories, each of which lasts approximately
2000 years, and which spends approximately 1000 years on either side
in conflict and transition to or from the story that frames it on the
other side in time, that these stories are defined through the
symbolism of the polestar and the astrological sign in which it
resides, and each of these stories has at its heart a dominant type of
human relationship that is considered sacred. BUT, these stories each
first fight against and then absorb and embrace the earlier stories,
so we see many many stories being played out at once, within the
framework of a single large dominant story.

That statement about the patriarchy’s messes and shifting who’s in
charge? That idea fits as part of the symbolic transition. I
completely expect that the matriarchy, when it was in charge, made
just as many messes as the patriarchy. Just different ones. Here is
roughly the symbolism and timing that has already unfolded for
humanity according to my friend’s theory.

~2000-4000AD = the era of friends and community. I don’t know yet what
the story is, it is just beginning. I was told by multiple people that
the Bahai believe their faith is the one that represents this shift,
but I’ve been unable to get a sense of what is the core human
relationship that serves as the central story in that faith. Over the
decades, several friends of mine have pondered this, and chatted about
it. We’ve thought perhaps the thematic relationship may be gay love,
or genderless love, and “the good of the many outweighs the good of
the few.” Also something about high drama and telling great stories.
But really we don’t have a clue, we are just imagining possibilities.
~0-2000AD = the era of self-sacrifice (love for others) and constraint
(virginity, celibacy, sex as evil). Jesus the Lamb, and the Virgin.
Father, Son, and Spirit.
~2000BC-0AD = the era of the patriarchy and warriors. King David,
Zeus, Achilles, Odin, Alexander the Great … Fathers & Brothers.
~4000-2000BC = the era of the matriarchy and earth goddess. Demeter
and Gaia. Maiden/mother/crone. Lakshmi, Parvati/Sarasvati, Durga/Kali.
Mother & child.
~6000-4000BC = the era of brotherhood. Romulus and Remus suckled by a
she-wolf. Siblings.

Isn’t it interesting to think of humanity, and the position and
purpose of our own lives, within a scale like this? Irrespective of
whether or not people have any interest in astrology and the polestars
and all that, I find the very exercise of thinking this way to be
enormously valuable.