Pic of the day – Scouts & Knots


My father made the Boy Scouts his life. He was a leader in the local
BSA community, teaching classes, specializing in supporting several
different types of badges (especially knot-tying!), camping in subzero
weather, active in all sorts of public good activities, and much more.
But I did not allow his grandson, my son, to join the Boy Scouts when
invited. Why not? Because of things like this.


There are several LGBT individuals in my family. A community that
tries to do “good” at the same time they teach that responsible
ethical mature members of my family are undesirable and unlovable is
not a community that is actually helping us.

This image is of a Celtic knot painting that I saw displayed in the
hospital last summer. The rest of the Celtic knot painting included
Hebrew letters, another group that has historically been excluded and
abused. This particular knot is quite a tangle. It reminds me of the
story of Alexander the Great and the Gordian knot. It was said to be a
knot that was impossible to untie. So he took his sword and sliced
right through the center of it.